Hello Guitar Friend,

More than 2 years ago, I started posting videos of my music on Youtube. Fortunately, those clips were seen by Claude Johnson from Guitar Control. He immediately sent me an email offering a contract to shoot a 3-DVD series.

I have to tell you that I couldn't believe it -- besides he wanted to come here (Argentina) to do those DVDs, so I thought: he definitely saw something in my playing because there are millons of guitar players online now.

So that's how all started. A few months later, Claude and his friend (his name is "Virtuwul") were in my apartament watching me playing some of my songs and licks for the DVDs. We went to the studio for 3 or 4 days of work and of course... some FUN!

In this 3-DVD course (we named it "Virtuoso Guitar Secrets"), y you will learn almost all my secrets and licks, all the stuff that I have learnt through years and years of 'stealing' my idols techniques...

I have always liked to divide my routine in different sections with each technique separatelly, so this is what I did in my DVDs. This way you are going to rule the neck with all the stuff that a player of this century needs to know.

Some of those techniques are:

1.Speed picking (alternate)
2.Sweep picking
3.Legato playing
4.Tapping (scales and arpeggios)

First I teach some cool excersices to develop speed and accuracy, then some cool runs to rule all the fretboard.

In the DVDs, I teach a lot of sweep picking licks and concepts. I explain how the pick motion has to be (the most important thing). Also I show you how to play 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 string arpeggios. You are going to learn simple triads, minor and major arpeggios and some 7 with add9 arpeggios too.

Legato is the most used technique by Joe satriani, Allan Holdsworth, Brett Garsed among others... So here, I start with some simple one string examples and basics patterns that will allow you to move all over the neck like the greats, but for now you don't have to try to invent new licks because after teaching you the one string patterns, I show you tons of my own ideas. Yes, once you learn those it's really important that you try all this in another keys, tempos, and of course, create your own licks.

Tapping is a technique that was created by Eddie Van Halen. I generally prefer picking technique, but I also play cool things like arpeggios runs. I learned a lot from Michael Romeo from Symphony X, and also Greg Howe.

Apreggio tapping sounds really great. It's more clean than sweep picking. At first it's kinda difficult because of the string skipping, but once you learn it you will love it!

This is one of my favorite techniques, and I'll teach you the best of what I've learned a lot from shredding masters like Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore and others. This section is pretty long: you will learn tons and tons of cool minor, major, 7th, 9th, 11th diminished, and even Whole tone and pentatonic arpeggios.

I think the most interesting thing is what is next: I teach MY own licks involving all these techniques I mentioned above. I guess you could call them...

These are my most precious licks and ideas and I will share them for YOU!

This is a small clip where I teach you and Claude the first lick. This one has it all, sweepping, double barring, legato, arpeggios...

Another really cool thing is that I cover 5 different guitar players styles. Those players are (myself) plus:

Yngwie was the reason I'm playing this kind of music and techniques... In the DVDs, I teach his signature licks including arpeggios and fast runs.

Vinnie Moore is probably my main influence as a composer and player too. I'll teach you his signature licks.

Richie is another one of my big influences. I learned lots of pentatonics and arpeggio stuff from him... also legato playing and double barring.

When I started to take serious with the technique stuff, Paul's excersices and songs really helped me a lot. I'll teach you the most important signature licks you need to know.

Besides all that info, you will

I play my best songs and solo parts, then I explain the main riffs and solos. But thatīs not all, because you will get an electronic book with all this songs to play them note by note, the same with all the licks I told you above.

Here's a video. Keep in mind you get all of the main examples tabbed out in the electronic book.

The examples on the screen are good for reference. You also get all the examples tabbed out.

In fact, Claude hired a proffesional transcriber for you to have a full transcription of all the notes I'm playing in my songs and improvs.

You'll get a PDF version plus a Powertab version. The powertab is great because you can follow along on your computer and see exactly how the notes fit together with the rhythm as the song plays.

Here's a short video of Virtuwul explaining it.

I have seen hundreds of instructional DVD but I can tell you that this one is insane. The amount of info and stuff is freaking awesome... so you will have material to study for years! Thatīs why you need to get these DVDs right now! Besides, you'll get all the licks and modern techniques I teach, plus 4 different aproaches to guitar and music, the songs, the tabs, the powertabs, the interviews... I even include the backing tracks to my songs.

It's 3 DVDs, 4 hours of instruction, and hundreds of tabs. If you are looking for the next level this IS your chance to go for it!

Guitar Control will process your order through a secure server, and rush your DVDs to any address worldwide. Just click on the link below, fill out your information, and get ready for some incredible guitar lessons.

Thanks for your support,

Silvio Gazquez

P.S. Guitar Control has even agreed to buy the DVDs back from you if you don't love them. You have a full year to try them out risk-free.